Playable Testing

How to test

  1. Upload an HTML file or provide a URL for the unit you wish to test.
  2. Configure the placement to simulate and endcard to use for your test run.
  3. If your unit has an in-game call-to-action (CTA) appearing before the endcard, and you wish to test it in this run, check the "Call To Action" box.
  4. Choose the device preview screen ratio and orientation to use for your test; you will be able to change these while testing to check the responsiveness of your unit.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your configuration, click "Test Now" and play through your game.

As you play, a checklist of required integration items will light up as they are satisfied by your unit; exact requirements differ depending on the test configuration you've chosen. If any requirements have not been met by the end of your playthrough, they will be called out in the test checklist.

You are responsible for addressing any failed requirements before your unit can go live on Tapjoy's network.

Please note that Tapjoy will render various UI elements in the margins of the device screen, such as a timer, close button, and Terms of Service button. Avoid positioning critical components on the extreme edges of your unit.

General Requirements

  1. Ads must implement the Tapjoy API spec as documented in our integration guide.
  2. Ads must be 2MB or less. This includes all code and assets.
  3. Ads must be contained within a single file; all assets must be embedded and in Base64 encoding.
  4. Ads must support both landscape and portrait device orientations; responsive designs are preferred.
  5. Ad URLs must be HTTPS to serve on Tapjoy's network.
  6. Do not include links to external content in your ads. For any CTA, please use our click API.
Test Placement
Endcard Type
Call To Action
Screen Ratio
Testing Done!

Testing Checklist