Playable Testing

How to test

  1. You can test by either uploading an .html file or providing a url.
  2. Playable experiences should implement the Tapjoy API Spec and pass our API checklist below.
  3. Test and optimize your playable experience for both portrait and landscape orientations.
  4. Make sure your playable experience supports both tablets and phones to display correctly for the 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratio.


  1. Playable experiences must implement the Tapjoy API spec as documented in our integration guide.
  2. Ad URLs must be in https.
  3. Playable are required to be a single .html file. All assets must be embedded in base64 encoding.
  4. We recommend a final playable size of less than 2MB to ensure the ability to download all code and assets across various devices and internet connections.
  5. Support both landscape and portrait screen orientations. Responsive experiences are preferred.
  6. Tapjoy will render the ad’s countdown timer, close button, and Terms of Service button.
  7. Please do not hardcode the link to Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Instead use our click() API call.

Testing Checklist